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Worship Ministries

Lectors (Readers) give voice to the Word of God. They bring to their ministry familiarity with the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and the ability to proclaim various kinds of texts with understanding and clarity.

Intercessors (Leaders of the Prayers of the Assembly) are persons of prayer with a heart for the needs of church and world and the ability to voice prayer on behalf of the gathered assembly.

Acolytes (Servers at the Altar) lead processions with cross and torches, help prepare the altar for communion, and assist during communion with refills of the chalices or any other need.

Eucharistic Ministers (Senior Servers) assist the presider throughout the liturgy, prepare the altar for communion and participate in feeding the assembly.

Eucharistic Visitors take communion from Sunday worship to members of the community unable to be present, lead the short worship service and spend time in companionship with the person they visit.

The Choir, comprised of parish members with a love of singing, supports the assembly’s song and enhances our worship with anthems and other choral pieces. For more information about the choir see the Music Ministries page.

Ushers welcome parishioners and visitors, hand out worship bulletins, collect the assembly’s offering of money, bring bread, wine, and money to the altar, and are prepared to help in case of emergencies or if someone has special needs.

The Altar Guild cares for vestments, vessels, linens, wine and bread, candles and other supplies, sets out everything needed for worship and cleans up afterward.

The Liturgical Visual Arts Group adorns church and chapel to enhance our observance of the seasons of the church year and designs and creates hangings and other decorations.

The Worship Committee reviews the worship of preceding seasons and prepares for seasons to come, coordinates the ministries of the groups that support our worship and arranges workshops, trainings, and refreshers for currently serving ministers and new participants.

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