Formation Resources

Keeping a Eucharistic Fast

Thinking Again About Assembly
In a Time of Pandemic

an essay by the Rev. Dr. Gordon Lathrop
Lutheran liturgical theologian
and adjunct faculty member, Virginia Theological Seminary

Fridays During and After the Time of Pandemic
Fr. Samuel Torvend

The Feast of the Annunciation – March 25
Annunciations in the Midst of Pandemic
Fr. Samuel Torvend

Laetare Sunday in the Midst of a Pandemic
Fr. Samuel Torvend

The Gifts of St. Benedict in a Time of Social Isolation
Fr. Samuel Torvend

A Helpful Framework for Reading the Gospel of John
Fr. Joseph Hickey-Tiernan

Fr. Joseph Hickey-Tiernan discusses the Gospel of John in Lent

Walk the Christ Church Stations of the Cross
Even though our church building is not open
during the coronavirus siege, you can use the above
to find the booklet we use at Christ Church
while walking our Stations of the Cross.
The booklet includes pictures of each station
and meditations and prayers at each one.



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