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Welcome to Christ Church

Welcome to our website. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for – or maybe even something you didn’t know you were looking for until you found it. Here’s a brief introduction to us to start you on your way:

We are a community of welcoming people of many lifestyles and orientations. We know every human being to be a beloved child of God, and everyone who comes here to be a gift from God.

We are followers of Jesus Christ, growing in faith as a community and as individuals through shared worship, prayer, formation, music and the visual arts, service and social justice advocacy.

We are seekers, learners, believers, questioners who find sense and purpose in life through our relationship with God in Christ and with one another, and through our engagement with the needs of the world. We cherish the gifts of human thought and reason and imagination. We are nurtured by a diversity of spiritual practices that strengthen us to meet the challenges of today’s world.

We are Episcopalians, which means that our life is shaped by an ancient yet very contemporary pattern of worship, the words and images of Scripture that speak powerfully to us and our world, and the mystery of God’s presence with us in the watery ritual we call Baptism and in the breaking of the bread we call the Eucharist.

We invite you to explore our website, this glimpse into the life and work of the people who are Christ Church. If your look through this window has intrigued you, come visit us for worship. It’s the best way to discover who we are and what we care about. Or, come for a class or a recital or any of the many events you’ll find listed here. You are welcome anytime.

May you know God’s blessing and peace in your life’s journey.

Christ Episcopal Church, Tacoma


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