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Children and Family Ministries

Children in Worship: Children of all ages are welcome in worship. Special areas in the worship space provide parent-and-child-friendly seating. Activity packets are available for children who need to be busy with doing while listening.

Serving in Worship: Children and youth interested and ready serve as ushers, acolytes and readers in Sunday and Holy Day services.

Sunday School: Sunday School meets from mid-September through early June. We use the Godly Play curriculum to develop and nurture faith formation in our children.  Meet in the Narthex at 10:30am to head to the Sunday School rooms together.

First Friday Kids Night Out  Children  ages 5-12  are  invited to join us on the first Friday of each month from 5:00pm – 9:00pm for a free, fun-filled night of food and friendship, in Wells Hall.  Contact the Parish Office for more information or to sign up.

Godly Play: The Flood and The Ark

Why does Christ Church adopt Godly Play as our approach to Children’s Faith Formation?
“In an age where we feel we need to meet children in their high-tech world, Godly Play is a unique way to present the beautiful and eloquent truths of the Bible in a very simple, natural form with no bells or whistles. In most religious education, children are told who God is. In Godly Play, children discover who God is. Using the principles of learning in the Montessori method, we respond to the child’s request to ‘help me do it by myself.’ It shares spiritual education in a beautiful, peaceful, intimate manner, demonstrating the power and richness of God through meaningful and intentional presentations of His Word. This puts the teacher in the role of spiritual supporter or guide who fully accepts that each child has his or her own relationship with God already.

Godly Play Bible stories are told gracefully and beautifully using simple hands-on figures, made of natural and meticulously designed materials The storyteller, serves as a “guide” to the truth being told. Then, sits back and asks, “I wonder …?” allowing the children to find their own way. Children are encouraged to explore their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the story through expressive art following the presentation…” Emily Mullens, 2011

What Happens in a Godly Play Session?
A door person waits by the door to the Godly Play classroom, warmly welcoming children as they arrive. Children make their way into the room and sit in a circle around the Storyteller. The Godly Play Classroom is their sacred space.

Slowly, deliberately, the storyteller presents the story using figures and objects, gently moving and arranging them as the story unfolds. Following, the storyteller invites the children into a conversation: “I wonder,” the storyteller says. “I wonder what part of the story you like best?” “I wonder what part is most important?” “I wonder what part of the story is about you?”

The methods used in Godly Play meet the needs of different learning styles and types of intelligence: it is hands-on for tactile learners, engaging for auditory and visual learners, invites response from emotionally intelligent children, and provides both safety and freedom for children of all learning styles to respond.

The storyteller invites the children to think about what work they would like to do in response to the lesson, as they continue to wonder. Some play mindfully with the materials from the presentation or from another story. Others may engage in several other art choices.

Godly Play Schedule for September 17, 2023 – May 19, 2024

The Circle of the Church Year  17-Sep-23
Lesson 19: The Holy Trinity  24-Sep-23
Lesson 7: The Great Family  1-Oct-23
Lesson 8: The Exodus  8-Oct-23
Lesson 9: The Ten Best Ways 15-Oct-23
Lesson 10: The Ark and the Tent  22-Oct-23
Lesson 11: The Ark and the Temple  41.45 29-Oct-23
Lesson 13: The Prophets  5-Nov-23
Lesson 14: The Prophet Jonah 12-Nov-23
Lesson 14: The Circle of the Holy Eucharist  19-Nov-23
Lesson 15: Symbols of the Holy Eucharist 26-Nov-23
The Holy Family Advent I 3-Dec-23
The Mystery of Christmas  Advent II 10-Dec-23
The Mystery of Christmas Advent III 17-Dec-23
The Mystery of Christmas Advent IV 24-Dec-23
Epiphany Epiphany 7-Jan-24
Baptism of Jesus Epiphany 14-Jan-24
Parable of the Good Shepherd Epiphany 21-Jan-24
Parable of the Deep Well Epiphany 28-Jan-24
Parable Epiphany 4-Feb-24
Parable of the Mustard Seed Epiphany 11-Feb-24
The Faces of Easter I  Lent 18-Feb-24
The Faces of Easter II Lent 25-Feb-24
The Faces of Easter III  Lent 3-Mar-24
The Faces of Easter IV Lent 10-Mar-24
The Faces of Easter V Lent 17-Mar-24
The Faces of Easter VI Lent 24-Mar-24
No Sunday School-Easter Sunday Easter 31-Mar-24
The Crosses Easter 7-Apr-24
Lesson 11: Jesus and the Twelve Easter 14-Apr-24
Lesson 12: The Good Shepherd World Communion Easter 21-Apr-24
Lesson 13: The Synagogue and the Upper Room Easter 28-Apr-24
Lesson 17: Saul Changes Easter 5-May-24
Lesson 18: Paul’s Travels and His Letters Easter 12-May-24
Lesson 16: The Mystery of Pentecost Pentecost 19-May-24

Activities for the Seasons of the Church Year

Saint Francis Blessing of the Animals (First Sunday in October): Children bring their pets, to the courtyard for blessing and a special certificate.  Treats are available for pets and humans.

November’s Altar of Remembrance Along with the rest of the community, children are welcome to add framed pictures and mementos of loved ones who have died to the Altar of Remembrance, creating a communal space of honor and remembrance and a witness to the promise of continuing life in Christ.

The Advent Jesse Tree Each Sunday in Advent, before the 10:30 liturgy, children can adorn the Jesse Tree with several of the symbols of the coming Christ, until on Christmas Eve, they complete the tree with the last symbol – the Nativity.

During Advent Collecting funds from the parish for the Episcopal Relief and Development initiative to support mothers and newborns in need at Christmas.

Greening of the Church (Fourth Sunday of Advent following the 10:30 service): All ages invited to gather and assist in the adorning of the church for our Christmas Celebrations.

Mardi Gras (Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) With some adult assistance, children burn palms and grind the ashes for Ash Wednesday. All ages join in creating the communal art project of the Alleluia Scroll, buried in the garden to be unearthed at Easter and displayed in the church throughout Easter’s Fifty Days.

During Lent Collecting funds from the parish for the Episcopal Relief and Development initiative to purchase a well with clean water at Easter.

Alleluia Scroll and Great Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Day, following the 10:30 Eucharist): Children dig up the urn containing the scroll and then turn their attention to collecting the abundance of Easter eggs scattered all around the courtyard and its gardens.

Serving our Neighbors

Life Food Packs Several times a year, during coffee hour, members of all ages form an assembly line to put together Life Food Packs for people who are hungry and homeless. These small bags contain a can of nutritious food, a juice box, energy bar and small necessities such as band-aids, along with a list of social service resources in Tacoma.

Gifts for Life through Episcopal Relief and Development An annual parish-wide fund drive organized by Christ Church children to raise money to purchase animals such as a cow, goat, chickens, and bees for families living in poverty in struggling parts of the world. The animals provide their owners with a renewable source of food and income.

Family Housing Network Twice a year Christ Church partners with Family Housing Network to provide a week of overnight shelter for families experiencing homelessness. Parish children, with their parents, host our guest children with evening activities such as movies and games.

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