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Faith Formation at Christ Church

Whether one is five or ninety-five, the Christ Church community takes seriously the reality that, as we grow in age and experience, our faith in God and our love for our neighbor will change, grow, deepen, and, we hope, mature.

It’s easy to find “information” about Christian faith and life, but we seek something deeper: opportunities to enter more fully into the stories of Scripture and the stories of Christians over the centuries. By them we are inspired and challenged to live fully as Episcopal Christians who seek to serve Christ in all persons, respect the dignity of every human being, strive for justice and peace, and cherish and protect God’s creation and all its diverse creatures.

It is a delight to see children engage the stories of Jesus bringing good news to the poor (Luke 4:18) and then see them raise funds to buy farm animals for families in regions of the world marked by a tenuous hold on life. It is a delight to see members form a racial justice reading group after hearing a speaker in our Christ Church Lecture series discuss what white Christians can learn from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, while others support the Poor People’s Campaign in Tacoma.

For us, formation in faith takes place as we worship together, give thanks to God for the food on our tables at home, share a Quiet Morning Retreat, sing with the choir or serve at the altar, host homeless families, discuss an important question in a Sunday class, reflect on the readings of the Sunday liturgy, adorn the church and prepare for worship, provide food for local food banks, clean up after Sunday’s coffee hour, accompany people on their journey to Holy Baptism, Confirmation, or Reception in this church, care for the parish commons and gardens, bring holy communion to members who are home-bound or in the hospital, share life with all its challenges, joys and heartaches.

God has created us with minds, bodies, feelings, and souls in marvelous unity. Formation at Christ Church is for the whole person and all persons.

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