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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of Wells Hall?

  • The Main Floor of Wells Hall: 180, depending on setup.
    • The use of banquet (rectangular) tables lessens the amount of space for seating to approximately 130 seats.
    • Over 130 people seated at tables reduces the available space for a dance area.
  • The Fireplace Room: 80 in rows or 48 at 6 tables with 8 each.
  • The Green Room: 10
  • The Courtyard: 100

What hours are available?

Our earliest start time is 10:00am, and we ask that you depart no later than 10:00pm. For Wedding Receptions, your event rental fee covers up to 8 hours, and up to 4 additional hours can be purchased, depending on availability. Please remember that your 8 hours includes all set-up, deliveries, photography sessions, and clean-up. Contact the Office for Business and Nonprofit rental rates and schedules.

How do I find out if my date is available, and can I set up a tour of the venue?

Contact the Parish Administrator at 253.383.1569 x 101, or email. The office hours are Monday through Thursday from 10:00am – 1:00pm, or by appointment.

Do you require preferred caterers?

You may use a licensed and insured caterer of your choice. Self-catering is available for an additional fee of $250.

Do you allow alcohol?

We do; you must provide a WA State Banquet Permit, and a licensed and insured bartender. You must provide the permit plus a copy of the bartender’s license and insurance to the office prior to 60 days before your event.

Do you allow smoking?

Smoking and vaping are not permitted in church buildings or on the church property under any circumstances.

What do you set up for us?

We ask that you let us know how you would like the space set up prior to 2 weeks before your event, and then we’ll have everything ready for you to decorate if you wish when you arrive. Our office staff is happy to assist with set-up planning, and our Event Host will be on-site during the entire event, should you need further assistance.

What do you allow for decorations?

The walls must not be defaced with posters or any other decorations. Temporary attachment of items to the walls may be made with painter’s tape and removed following the rental. No nails, pins, glue, or other permanent or defacing materials are allowed. No confetti, balloons, rice, birdseed, butterflies, or glitter are permitted. Bubbles and flower petals are allowed. Nothing should be placed on the piano or removed from the stage.

Do you have parking?

You may use the parking lot next to Wells Hall after 5:00pm and on weekends, and church parking behind the church sanctuary, as well as street parking.

Can I take the tables and chairs outside into the Courtyard?

Yes, weather depending. Our Event Host will set up tables and chairs in the Courtyard for you if you wish to have your event outside for up to 100 guests.

Is Wells Hall accessible?

Wells Hall has a ground-floor entrance from our courtyard, and an accessible bathroom on the Main Floor. We do not have an elevator, and the 2nd floor Fireplace Room is only reachable by a stairway.

What Amenities do you offer?

See Amenities.

What are the rental fees?

See Wedding Reception Rental fees. For Business and Nonprofit rentals, contact the Office.

How do you accept payment?

We accept credit cards (+3% fee), cash, or checks made payable to Christ Episcopal Church.

Will I get my deposit back after the event? How will I know if there is a problem?

You or a representative from your rental party and the Event Host will walk through the rental space at the end of your event to note any reason for some or all of your deposit to be retained. If there are no issues, you should receive the full amount of the deposit within two weeks via check. See Contract.

Do you require event insurance?

Rental of Wells Hall requires the Rental Party to obtain event insurance that covers Christ Church Wells Hall for up to one million dollars in damage or loss. Most home owners insurance companies offer this certificate at no or minimal cost to you. If not, you will need to check online for an event policy that covers Wells Hall and Christ Church. The certificate needs to be sent to the office prior to 60 days before your event.

What do we need to reserve our date?

To hold your date, we need a signed contract and ½ of the fee, plus the conditionally-refundable deposit. The balance will be due prior to 60 days before your event, along with all permits, your license and insurance, and that of the bartender if serving alcohol.

What happens if I need to cancel my contract?

As long as you let us know in writing that you need to cancel your contract prior to 60 days before your event, you will receive your rental fee back, although we will retain the deposit fee. If you cancel within 60 days of your event, we will not be able to refund any fees or the deposit. Christ Church reserves the right to cancel your event if we have not received all permits, insurance certificate, licenses, and the balance of your fees prior to 60 days before your event.

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