Easter is the central feast of the Christian year, not a one day feast but a 50-day celebration, beginning with the Great Vigil of Easter Eve and extending to the Day of Pentecost (this year Sunday June 9).

We celebrate resurrection: Christ risen not just two thousand years ago, as if resurrection were a once and finished event, but Christ rising now, a continuous happening, God’s ongoing re-creation of God’s church and the world. Jesus did not come back from death to a life that would end in another death – he went on, through death, to a new order of living that would never die. Easter invites us to enter that new order of living in the here and now.

Fifty Days – a luxurious length of time for rejoicing in the presence of the risen Christ among us and the Easter good news entrusted to us. Throughout these days we have but one mission: to be signs of resurrection, serving the world in Christ’s name, looking and working toward the time when all is Easter and no one is thirsty or hungry, neglected or ignored, without a bed in a home, hurting or grieving alone, when the earth’s waters, fields, forests, and air will be restored, clean and fresh as Eden.

Sunday by Sunday in the Great Fifty Days we find ourselves strengthened and encouraged for our mission by the words of Scripture,
our shared prayers, our communion with Christ and one another in the consecrated bread and wine that feed us with his very life, and the fellowship of this, our Easter community.

Won’t you join us as we proclaim, Christ is risen and with him we arise! Alleluia!

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